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Manures and fertilizers

Manures and fertilizers: Interest is growing in Organic Farming.

From the 11,000 hectares of agricultural land in Puducherry, around 22 hectares of certified organic farms might appear to be small in comparison. Area under organic farming appears to be finding a new-found enthusiasm in the farmers’ community which has begun to appreciate its advantages over conventional farming and the area slowly growing.

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Manures and fertilizers: Use Of Organic Manure by Farmer for High Yield.

A young farmer of Nandyal, G Narayana has taken up farming using organic manure and vermicompost to secure higher yield. He has preparing vermicompost in his five cents of land, after securing a loan of Rs10,000 and getting earthworms from Hyderabad during the last 14 years. Gradually increasing the yield over a period of time in a phased manner, Narayana is now able to provide employment to 20 labourers.

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