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Agriculture Machinery: Pesticide Use Reduces by Using New Sprayer Technology.

Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists was developed an experimental variable-rate spraying system that helps growers efficiently apply chemicals to trees at the agency's Application Technology Research Unit in Wooster, Ohio.

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Agriculture Machinery: Indoor Farm Machinery Show Increases Exhibitors

Louisville, Ky: The National Farm Machinery Show is returning for the 51st year with additional exhibit space, after a celebratory 50th anniversary with record attendance.

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Agriculture Machinery: IICPT'S Developed Mobile Granule Conveyor

In India, Most of the grain mills are using sun/yard drying method for drying of grains. Drawbacks of the existing systems are higher percentage of wastage/Broken, dusty environment, Spillage, huge construction set up and no mobility. To solve this problem, pneumatic grain pump has been developed at IICPT.

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Agriculture Machinery Subsidy Scheme is Known to Few Farmers

To encourage mechanization of agriculture, government-sponsored agriculture support schemes, but it seems, schemes has failed to make an impact at the grassroots level in Pilibhit district.

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Agriculture Machinery: Farmers Get Agriculture Machinery With Subsidy.

Under National Food Security Mission (NFSM) and National Agriculture Development Programme (NADP), The Department of Agriculture has distributed farm machinery such as tractors and power tillers to 89 small and marginal farmers with a subsidy of Rs. 84.75 lakh.

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Agriculture Machinery: Government Asks to Display MRP of Farm Machines.

Government asked farm machinery makers to display maximum retail price, excluding taxes, in a transparent way on their products as levies vary from state to state.

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Agriculture Machinery: A Manual Tiller to Help Farmers.

P. Karthik and T. Kiran are two students of Prakasam Engineering College, Kandukur, who have come up with a rotary tiller to help farmers. They said that, the manual tiller, which can be operated without fuel, is also easy to carry.

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