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Manures and fertilizers: Use Of Organic Manure by Farmer for High Yield.

Nandyal: Moved by the plight of several drought-hit farmers, who migrated elsewhere in search of other means of livelihood

A young farmer of Nandyal, G Narayana has taken up farming using organic manure and vermicompost to secure higher yield. He has preparing vermicompost in his five cents of land, after securing a loan of Rs10,000 and getting earthworms from Hyderabad during the last 14 years. Gradually increasing the yield over a period of time in a phased manner, Narayana is now able to provide employment to 20 labourers.

Narayana has been educating fellow farmers of adjoining areas on the use of organic manure/vermicompost. In the process, Narayana has been able to earn good profits. As a Good Samaritan, the young farmer is using his earnings in educating some associates. One of them has become a circle inspector in the excise department, while others are holding high positions.

Narayana has been able to extract quality organic manure from vermicompost, using cow dung, and selling it on kg basis to fellow farmers. He has also been preparing 'Jeevamrutham', with cow urine as the main ingredient.

He used this mix, comprising dung, jaggery and soil, to get extra farm yield. The Neem cake prepared by him helps kill pests which damage crops. The model farmer that the use of seven to eight bags of vermicompost in an acre of farmland enables him to get higher crop yield with less investment, besides strengthening the soil. He says confidently that there won't be any need for using urea and DAP fertilizer.