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e-PoS system for distribution and supply of fertilisers

The District Administration of Jogulamba Gadwal has adapted ‘e-PoS’ digital system for the distribution and supply of fertilisers to famers in a foolproof and transparent manner in the district.

According officials from the Agriculture Department, for the first time Gadwall district is adopting e-PoS digital system on a pilot basis. Based on its success, the District Administration will extend it to other areas. “The main objective behind adopting this new method is to keep a watch on the stocks of fertilisers available with the dealers and the amount of stocks supplied to the farmers.

As part of the pilot project, the District Administration has distributed e-pass machines to most of the dealers supplying fertilisers in the district. Out of a total of 168 dealers present in the district more than 140 of them have got the machines supplied from the Agriculture Department.

As part of the adoption of new e-POS digital system, now the dealers will have to verify the Aadhar numbers of beneficiary farmers in the e-pass machines before supplying fertilisers to them. With the implementation of this new system the District Administration strongly feels that it will keep track of the activities of the dealers and farmers and gives no scope for irregularities.

The Agriculture Officer said that with the adoption of e-POS system, the government wants to implement the cash transfer scheme with an objective to prevent side tracking of fertiliser stocks to grey markets by the dealers.

This system will also ensure that from now onwards the subsidy provided to the farmers will be directly credited into the bank accounts through the direct cash transfer scheme. However, the fertiliser dealers in the district are expressing apprehension that this new system may become an obstacle in the way to adequately supply enough fertilisers to the needy farmers as it will have a limited supply cap.


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