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PAU Professor Develops Mobile App for Farmers

A mobile application has been developed by Dr A K Jain, Professor of Soil and Water Engineering, Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), which can be used by the farmers to select a suitable energy efficient pumpset for irrigation.

The Copyright has been granted by the Government of India for this mobile APP. The pumpset, selected based upon the APP, will operate near to best efficiency level for a longer period, thus, avoiding wastage of energy and water. The APP has option for three languages – English, Punjabi and Hindi.

Dr Jain said, “Due to fast declining water table in many parts of the country, the energy consumption in agricultural pumping system has increased as farmers had to shift from horizontal centrifugal pumps to submersible pumps of higher motor rating to extract water from deeper depths. Therefore, it becomes important to install suitable efficient pumpset for irrigation as per operating conditions at the farm.”


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