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New Irrigation System Developed by RAU

Samastipur: To irrigate fields, a boat-based solar pumping system developed by Rajendra Agricultural University, Pusa (Samastipur) and the boat is equipped with a two horsepower submersible pump powered by the solar panel. In diara areas with river water by using the system, farmers can irrigate their fields.

According to sources in the university, every year, farmers of the diara areas spread over 15 lakh hectares of land face the calamity of floods and drought. Due to absence of any permanent irrigation system, they struggle to irrigate their fields despite a river flowing alongside.

The university sources said, “Poor spending capacity of farmers forces them to hire pumping sets at higher rate. Using the new system, farmers of the region can raise at least two crops to full potential productivity.

The solar-powered system can irrigate 5-6 acres of land at a time which may increase to 10 acres with the use of rain gun, sprinkler or drip irrigation systems."

Agro-scientist Dr S K Jain is working on the project. He said, "With the meagre operational cost of maximum Rs 35 per hour, this system can alone achieve the target of doubling the income of farmers of these areas."


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