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To Use AI in Agriculture, Maharashtra Signs MoUs with Canada

To give a boost to the development of artificial intelligence (AI) in the Maharashtra, with Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis-led delegation in Canada, the government inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with their firms.

On Tuesday, Fadnavis and Quebec deputy prime minister Dominic Anglade held talks at Montreal in Canada about use of artificial intelligence in various sectors. While speaking at a seminar organised by the International Economic Forum of the Americas on administration and artificial intelligence, Fadnavis said, “Artificial intelligence will not lead to loss of jobs, but will create more job opportunities. The gap between the rich and poor will be bridged with resolution of many problems.”

In Quebec City, the state information and technology (IT) department inked collaboration agreements with companies, namely the Institute of Data Velorization (IVADO), NEXT AI and FRQNT.

According to the chief minister’s office (CMO), as part of the MoU between FRQNT of Quebec government and the state government, an international study group will be set up to increase the use of AI in agriculture technology, soil management and pest control.

The state also signed an MoU with a leading artificial intelligence company, Next AI. A statement from the CMO said, “With help from the firm, the government will assist 50 start-ups in the state.”

The IT department held a discussion with IVADO about setting up artificial clusters in the state. The statement said, “IITs and varsities in Maharashtra will work with IVADO to set up artificial intelligence clusters in the state.”


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