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Backyard Recirculatory Aquaculture System

Recirculatory Aquaculture System (RAS) is a technology adopted for aquaculture wherein water is recycled and reused after filtration and removal of suspended matter and metabolites. The method is used for highdensity culture of various species of fish utilizing minimum land area.

Technology Partner: National Centre for Aquatic Animal Health (NCAAH), Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT), Kochi, Kerala

What is required to set up an RAS unit?
• Land of approx. 100 sq. m land
• Good water source
• Source of Seed and Feed

What fish to culture?
• Most suitable for Monosex Tilapia;Pangasius
• Fingerling size ( > 2gm)

What & how to feed the fish?
• Pellet feed with 28-30% protein
• 2-4 times a day
• Manual broadcasting

Objectives- • To encourage small-scale farmers and women to take up fish culture in household backyards.
• To enhance fish production and consumption in daily diet.
• To promote income generation from small-scale fish farming and to improve livelihoods

Who will construct and install the system? NCAAH will assist the farmers in construction of fish tank and bring all materials and water testing kits, fabricate and install the whole system including cages, pumps, aerators, filters etc.

What are the project Components? • Awareness Workshop to applicants by AOC (AquaOne Center)
• Setting up by NCAAH
• Training for the farmers by AOC
• Input for culture by Farmer
• Advisory & Service delivery by AOC

Source: National Fisheries Development Board, Hyderabad, Department of Fisheries

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