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Advanced Tech from Israel To Help Indian Farming

Karnataka: Minister for Agriculture Shivashankar Reddy has said that for the efficient management of water and the project will be announced in the budget, Israel’s advanced technology will be implemented in farming in select places, called model areas, in the State.

He said at a press conference at the zilla panchayat office in Tumakuru that we are already using sprinklers and drip irrigation in agriculture, which is Israel’s contribution. Advanced technology will be used to irrigate more land using less water, thereby increasing agricultural productivity.

An area in each district will be selected to implement the technology. Sensors will be linked to the water system and they will decide and provide the required quantity of water based on the type of crops and will prevent water being wasted.

He said that he has instructed the officials not to clear the final bill of construction of farm ponds if the farmers fail to fence the ponds. Several deaths have been reported due to drowning in the ponds and fencing will prevent it.

The Minister said that, Farmers do not get proper price for their produce due to improper marketing network.

Crop insurance claims of farmers for the year 2017-18 amounting to ₹557 crore will be deposited to their bank accounts by the end of July.


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