Government Subsidy for Drip Irrigation Sets

After some years of research by various Agricultural Universities and Research institutes, it has been confirmed that there is saving of irrigation water to the extent of 50 to 60 per cent by drip method.

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Hasti’ Sprinkler System

Hasti Sprinkler System (HSS), an advanced concept in portable sprinkler irrigation by Harvel Irrigations Pvt. Ltd., is much preferred by farmers. It is lightweight and comes with ‘Quick Coupling’ arrangements.

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German borewell pumps

Pune based KSB pumps is a company with German collaboration making submersible borewell pumpsets for farmers. The company is selling its pumpsets all over India.

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Surge Irrigation

It is an innovative method of irrigation for sugarcane in which water is applied intermittently to surface irrigated furrows in a series of ‘on’ and ‘off modes of constant of variable time spans.

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Biwall irrigation : Sugarcane

The sub surface irrigation which is also called, as biwall irrigation is one of the latest methods of irrigation is one of the latest methods of irrigation’s.

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“ECO-FLO Garden watering system”

 It is a ‘Do it yourself kit’ model B-5020-A special kit packed in a box made particularly for small bungalow gardens of 100 mtr. Sq. approx. area.

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Italian Raingun

It is marketed by Vedant Enviro-Agro Irrigation Tech. (P) Ltd., Nagpur.

Speciality of Italian Raingun:

  • From one position-Covers half under rain.
  • 140 to 180 ft. spray dia.-At 2 to 2.5 kg/sq. cm. Water pressure.
  • Part circle rotation facility – For covering corners.
  • Highly useful for soil preparation for timely sowing.
  • Clean, cool and green leaves increases plant strength.
  • Foliar application of fertilizer possible.
  • Saves water, labour and time for irrigation by double.
  • Fine spray adjustment –For delicate seedlings.

Can be installed on PVC mains with portable laterals.

Care Free

As each drop of water passes through the Care Free Conditioner, it is agitated and scrubbed by the specially designed core, cast of precious and semi-precious metals, the turbulence of water flowing through this non-ferrous core element strips away adhesive compounds clinging to the minerals and causes the molecular structure of the water to be rearranged, while natural minerals are retained. 

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Sub - Surface Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation is more efficient in irrigating fruits and vegetables than other methods. Water is sent through plastic pipes with holes in them that are either laid along the rows of crops or even buried along their root lines.

Subsurface drip irrigation technology is a variation of traditional drip irrigation where the tubing and emitters are buried beneath the soil surface, rather than laid on the ground or suspended from wires. The products being used today in subsurface drip irrigation come in three basic configurations: hard hose, drip tape, and porous tubing. This method reduces weed growth, herbicide washout, maintenance, injury and vandalism found with using conventional water application systems.

The latest products being used in subsurface drip irrigation come in three basic configurations, that is, hard hose, drip tape and porous tubing. Hard hose products generally have wall thickness of 0.75 to 1.25 mm (30 to 50 mils), with nominal inside diameters in the 13 to 16 mm range. The emitter is either manufactured as an integral part of the tubing or is inserted later. It is placed at a repeated spacing interval of between 0.5 to 1.5 m.

The tubing wall thickness of drip tapes is from 0.1 to 0.5 mm or other problems identified at the field site.

Sub-surface irrigation has the ability to apply precise amounts of irrigation water directly to the plant roots. By injecting fertilisers into the water supply, they can be delivered directly to the plant roots. This results in increased nutrient efficiency at low fertiliser rates.

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