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Agriculture News : Vegetables Prices will be Stable during April - May 2016

To advise the farmers on Carrot and Beet root price, the Back Office of Agro Marketing Intelligence and Business Promotion Centre (AMI &BPC) Tamil Nadu Agricultural University has analysed the past 10 year prices and conducted the trader survey in Mettupalayam vegetable commission wholesale market to give forecast

1. Beet Root:
In Tamil Nadu, Beet root is mainly grown in Nilgiris and also in some parts of Tirupur. The hill grown beet root is having leading consumer preference in Tamil Nadu because of color, shape and soft skin. The Mettupalayam wholesale market price of beet root during April - May 2016 will be ruling in the range of Rs 13-15per kg for hill grown beet root and will be Rs. 10-12/kg for beet root grown in plains. Hence, they can take up sowing decision according to this price.

2. Carrot:
In Tamil Nadu Carrot is mainly grown in Nilgiris, Dindigul and Krishnagiri districts. Carrot grown in Nilgiris district is highly preferred by consumers because of freshness, colour, sweetness and flavour due to rich humus in hilly soil.

As per the analysis, wholesale market price may go up to Rs. 28- 30/kg for hill grown carrot and Rs. 24-26/ kg for carrot grown in plains during the harvest period of April to May 2016 and hence they can take up sowing of carrot according to this price.