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Agri News: Opening of Valagro Subsidiary at New Ag in Beijing.

Atessa: Valagro, a global leader in the production and commercialization of biostimulants and specialty nutrients, has today announced the opening of its Chinese subsidiary. The Group has chosen to disclose such news during the 14th edition of New Ag International, the annual event for companies in the hi-tech agricultural sector, to be held April 6 to 8 in Beijing, in the core of the Chinese market.

The new subsidiary of Valagro Group, Valagro (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd., is based in Shanghai and will be led by Derek Fang as Country Manager.

"By opening a subsidiary in China, we have taken another step forward in our Far East agricultural market expansion strategy and, more broadly, towards the international establishment of Valagro Group - Giuseppe Natale, Group CEO, has affirmed - Along with India, China is a strategic market for Valagro: the strong expansion of the Chinese agricultural market is driven by the need to obtain very high yields to meet the soaring population's demand for food".

Among the many speakers from all around the world to speak at the scheduled conferences, Benoit Genot, Valagro's Global Marketing Director, will explain how biostimulants can significantly contribute to productivity in the agricultural sector, combining innovation and sustainability in a market as dynamic as the Far East's.

Valagro's Global Marketing Director,Benoit Genot said, "China, and more extensively the Asian market, states Benoit Genot are showing a rapid and substantial development in cutting-edge technologies and modern farming techniques, with greater attention paid to sustainability. Asian farmers' access to biostimulants amounts to the possibility of obtaining higher yields and better quality, increasing farming efficiency and reducing the environmental impact. Valagro intends to meet these new and growing needs with concrete and constant commitment to research and development, in order to provide highly effective and innovative solutions for a wide selection of crop nutrition requirements”.

Pointing out the recent launch of Valagro Academy, Mr. Genot added, “In order to be more responsive to the new and diverse needs of our customers who have always been at the centre of our company's goals, we intend to complement our range of solutions with highly professional and specialized technical support able to create and share a greater awareness of the world of plant nutrition and biostimulants, and of how Valagro's specialist products can improve the performance of crops, benefiting efficiency and sustainability in agriculture."

A challenge, as highlighted by Benoit Genot, which Valagro Group will deem as a significant growth opportunity, as proven by the recent acquisition of the Indian bio-pesticide company Sri Biotech Laboratories India Ltd., an operation that, by opening the doors of a productive and logistic platform to the whole of Asia, will enable the Company to enhance its presence in a strategic geographical area.

Valagro will be at New Ag with its own booth to introduce the best of its know-how in the field of plant nutrition and biostimulants. Valagro's team will especially promote the effectiveness of BENEFIT® PZ in naturally increasing and standardizing fruit size, whilst preserving taste, texture and shelf life.

Farm Product Manager, Giovanni Marrollo explains "Using BENEFIT® PZ equals achieving greater profitability as such biostimulant is able to enhance fruit size, both when initially expected and when marketable size is hardly attainable." He added, "Furthermore, thanks to our scientific know-how and through several field tests, we have verified the effectiveness of using BENEFIT® PZ combined with MC CREAM, a biostimulant with a high concentration of phyto-active ingredients extracted from Ascophyllum nodosum, able to increase cell expansion and photosynthetic activity, which are very important for supporting fruit growth".