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Use Micro irrigation for Agriculture to Save Water

At the ICAR-Indian Institute of Water Management (IIWM), while discussing on 'Minimizing water use in agriculture' topic, scientists emphasized on use of less water for agriculture. They expressed concern over declining per capita availability of surface and groundwater resources in India.

Providing water to agriculture has become a challenge as demand for water is increasing in other sectors, including industry. Experts also says that "If we fail to use water efficiently, we can’t meet the water demand in future."

Due to the impact of climate change, drought, flood and other natural calamities occur across the globe and this climate change also badly impact water resources. Now in the world this climate change has become a major problem, said Himanshu Pathak, director of National Rice Research Institute, Cuttack. He also said that save the rainwater and use the existing water resources carefully is very important for us and also it is challenge for us.

Micro irrigation is considered as a very economic and efficient way for irrigation. Micro irrigation can bring in big change in use of water, since we cannot check population or industry, but we can control the use of water, said Principal scientist at IIWM Gouranga Kar.

He also suggested some tricks to minimize the use of water in agriculture. The tricks are such as i. Need to develop seeds which can be grown with minimum water, ii. Use of micro irrigation system in agriculture and iii. Have to recharge the groundwater by preserving the rainwater.