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Sri Biotech Laboratories India Limited integrated with Italian Group Valagro.

Atessa (CH), 10th March 2016 - Italian Group Valagro, a global leader in the production and commercialization of biostimulants and specialty nutrients, has completed the acquisition and begun the process of integration of Sri Biotech Laboratories India Limited.

SriBio is a company nationally recognised for its work in developing alternative organic and eco-sustainable solutions for plant nutrition and protection against disease and insect pest attacks on farming crops.

Valagro gains access to new biopesticide market segment and fermentation technologies, With the integration of SriBio - expanding its offer of integrated solutions - and strengthens its presence in the Indian sub-continent, widening its reference markets.

Dr. K.R.K. Reddy, founder of SriBio commented that "SriBio and Valagro have always shared a strong commitment to research and development focusing on innovation and environmental sustainability, as the foundation for business growth." Also said further, "I am sure that the exchange of know-how among our people will develop important and effective synergies to the benefit of both companies and their customers."

"This operation accomplishes an important step in the growth strategy of Valagro." – stated Giuseppe Natale, Valagro Group CEO - "Thanks to the entry of SriBio into the Group, in fact, Valagro will become a truly global company operating at 360° in the sector of biologicals. Besides opening the doors to the Indian market, SriBio will also provide us with a production and logistics platform.

The integration of SriBio is, to date, the largest transaction completed by Valagro and one of the most significant investments in 2015 by an Italian company in India. This confirms the financial strength of the Italian Group and its desire to continue in the path of a solid and balanced growth and to strengthen its global presence.

SriBio established in 1994, develops eco-friendly solutions to address the major pests/diseases affecting farmers in the Indian sub-continent through intensive research and development and multiple collaboration initiatives at national and international level. The company is engaged in the research areas related to the improvement, nutrition and crop protection, and through two manufacturing facilities, serves more than 10 million farmers in 13 Indian states.

Valagro, founded in 1980, is a leading company specializing in the production and sale of biostimulants and specialty nutrients for use in agricultural production, lawns, gardening and various industrial applications. The Group has its headquarters in Italy, and after the integration of SriBio employs now a total of 600 people, of whom 245 are based in Italy, and 355 in the firm’s 12 subsidiaries worldwide.