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Promoting Hydroponic Farming Projects

Visakhapatnam: To promote hydroponic farming projects in the district, the agriculture department in Vizianagaram district is collaborating with experts from NG Ranga Agriculture University.

Experts says that, the hydroponic method can be broadly categorised in to two divisions like static solution method and continuous flow solution method, especially used to cultivate vegetables and seasonal crops and the hydroponic method was developed in the early 20th century. In India, the high start-up and energy costs have made it unviable so far.

KV Mahesh is the agriculture department in Vizianagaram district and he is also the expert led, who is believe that the hydroponic technology could provide a healthy and cost effective way of cultivation. He said, it would also be free of chemical pesticides and fungicides as soil would be eliminated.

As hydroponic farming technology gives four times the output as compared to soil-based agriculture, many more farmers would take to hydroponic farming technology. KV Mahesh did note that as of now, various studies regarding use of solar power and other renewable energy sources are still at a nascent stage and pointed out that in the next 10 years.

In promoting cultivation of export-quality vegetables, the method could help, said Mahesh. "The Krishi Vigyan Kendra experts at Yelamanchili are trying to rope in other experts in this field to bring this technology to farmers. As on today, our expertise is limited and much of the technology is based in the USA, making the import and management costs prohibitive," he said.

A technology that cuts out on 90 per cent of water use could prove to be the best method of cultivation, with increasing droughts and decreasing water table levels, he added. This method combined with drip irrigation has helped Israel thrive as an agricultural producer.