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Organic Veggies of Durg are in International Demand.

Raipur: The 958 farmers from Durg district's embraced organic farming and they have expanded their cultivable fields to around 1,050 hectares. They are now directly attracting vegetable vendors from metro cities like Delhi and Bengaluru to their farms. Farm output of their is also being exported to Israel, Gulf nations and other countries.

"The farmers of Durg region are proactive in adopting innovative farming ideas. Since last year, veggie retailers from metros like Delhi and Bengaluru are coming here because of the effective cost and high quality of veggies grown in Durg district. It is the result of the rich productivity of their farm produce that cucumber, papaya, and ivy gourd are being exported to Israel, Gulf nations and other countries," said RK Sharma, Durg-based horticulture department's assistant director.

Durg was already an attractive veggie hub for retailers of Odisha and Kolkata but now vendors from Delhi and Bengaluru have started booking the yield right before the season starts.

Veggie retailers are making purchases from Durg because horticulture produce is healthy, though Punjab and Haryana are much closer to Delhi when it comes to proximity.

In Punjab and Haryana, we are familiar with soil erosion and infertile lands. Hence, either we chose those who practising chemical farming are using certified green-labelled pesticides and fertilizers or organic type of cultivation, which do not harm grazing animals and are safe for soil, plants, natural nutrients and micro-organisms.

To fetch better yield, farmers are inserting compost between top soil and sub soil. For protecting the soil and plant roots, Charcoal is also sprayed.