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Agriculture News: Total Sowing Area in Kharif Crosses 406 Lakh Hectare

As per reports received from States, the total sown area as on 8th July, 2016, stands at 406.27 lakh hectare as compared to 431.82 lakh hectare at this time last year.

It is reported that pulses has been sown in 45.94 lakh ha, sugarcane in 45.78 lakh hectare, coarse cereals in 75.02 lakh ha, rice has been sown/transplanted in 81.93 lakh ha, oilseeds in 82.28 lakh ha and cotton in 67.89 lakh ha.

The details of the area covered so far and that covered during this time last year are:

Area under Kharif
Crop Area sown in 2016-17(Lakh hectare) Area sown in 2015-16(Lakh hectare)
Jute & Mesta 7.43 7.61
Rice 81.93 77.31
Oilseeds 82.28 101.15
Pulses 45.94 36.44
Coarse Cereals 75.02 77.80
Cotton 67.89 87.83
Sugarcane 45.78 43.68
Total 406.27 431.82