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Agriculture News : India will Receive Normal Monsoon during the June-September

According to the Private firm Weather Risk Management Services, India will receive normal rainfall during the June-September monsoon season.

"The 2016 monsoon rains will be normal and well distributed. The models are indicating above average rainfall from June to September," said Kanti Prasad, head-meteorology at Gurgaon headquartered Weather Risk Management Services.

There may be some areas in northeast India, Maharashtra and Rajasthan where overall rainfall activity may be somewhat on the negative side of the normal during monsoon. In the four-month rainy season, rains in June are expected to be the maximum.

He said that most global models indicated continued weakening of El Nino conditions over the coming months, returning to normal by late spring or early summer 2016 and a chance of La Nina development by fall. These signals are favourable for above normal monsoon rainfall over the country during June to September, 2016.