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Horticulture Department Promoting Drip Irrigation

The Department of Horticulture and Plantation Crops has set its focus on expanding utility of drip irrigation scheme and popularising protected cultivation methods. Small farmers are given 100 per cent subsidy and others are entitled to 75 per cent subsidy for promoting drip irrigation.

According to official figures, in the last five years, for installation of drip irrigation in 9,300 hectares, subsidy totalling Rs. 51 crore was provided to 9,534 beneficiaries. This year alone, Rs. 31.10 crore will be utilised as subsidy for covering 4,662 hectares under drip irrigation.

Farmers were sensitised to what officials described as the methods of doubling production and tribling income through drip irrigation and protected cultivation at a recent meeting in Kavindapadi. Officials and agricultural experts discussed the utility derived from the schemes of National Horticulture Board for turmeric, banana, tapioca, amla, flower, mango and other crops.

Subsidy of Rs. 2.41 crore will be provided to farmers dependent on horticulture crops raised in 295 hectares during the current year. Environment Minister K.C. Karuppannan, who inaugurated the sensitisation programme, said, a subsidy of Rs. 8.58 crore was disbursed for 11,382 beneficiaries who had raised horticulture crops in an area of 9,306 hectares.

Officials said, Rs. 77.8 lakh will be spent during this year for Rs. 77.8 lakh will be spent during this year by the Department will likewise accord importance for x.