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Agriculture News : Genetic Improvement Programme in Malpura Sheep at ICAR-CSWRI

At ICAR-Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute doing genetic improvement programme in Malpura sheep in the Animal Genetics & Breeding Division (ICAR-CSWRI). This programme will help for improvement of growth characteristics.

Intensive selection without any additional input is being practiced to produce elite rams which can be easily adapted at farmer’s flocks in field condition.

The lambs born in the year 2015 override all the previous records in live weight features of the institute Malpura sheep flock. Average live weight at 6 month in Malpura sheep was 30.50±0.46 kg, which is nearly 18% higher than the average of previous year. Mean live weight at 6 month in the male group was 33.39±0.63 kg and in females 27.59±0.53 kg.

Last year 59 breeding rams were distributed to farmers for genetic improvement of field flocks. Top ranking five (05) male lambs which will probably be used for breeding in the future and will be supplied to farmer’s flocks.

Institute is following a single trait selection on the basis of 6 month live weight in Malpura sheep under the umbrella of Mega Sheep Seed Project (MSSP).