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Agriculture News : Coconut Prices will Increase in Summer Season

Recently markets in Kerala show that there is no glut in the market and some area experiences a shortage for coconut and copra. As summer is coming up, the tender nut market is getting brighter now.

Actual reason behind the recent price fall in coconut is not the excess arrivals. As per the survey conducted by Coconut Development Board for the year 2015-16, a 5% decrease in the production of coconut in India over the previous year is estimated.

The actual reason behind the recent price fall is because of the temporary withdrawal of a handful of major buyers of milling copra. The farmers need not be panic and rush to the market to sell out their produce at a throw away price, since the analysis of information received from the market indicate a rise in price.

The MSP for copra is fixed at an increased level compared to last year. It is expected that more number of farmers will reap the benefit of MSP this time.