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Vegetable Farming: Farm Fresh Vegetables Stalls at Kolkata New Town.

Kolkata: To sell fresh vegetables directly from agricultural cooperative societies farms bypassing the wholesale market, the New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) is encouraging them to set up stalls in the markets of New Town.

The authorities recently decided to allot three to four stalls to some agricultural co-operative societies from North and South 24-Parganas at subsidised rentals to bring fresh vegetables directly from the farms.

Earlier, allot three vegetable kiosks to different farmers' cooperatives in one of the newly constructed markets in New Town's Action Area 1C at concessional rates, this proposal approved by the authorities. The idea was to allow farmers to sell fresh vegetables in the retail market directly through their cooperatives and self-help groups.

While two vegetable kiosks were allotted to Dharampur SKUS of North 24 Parganas, another was given to Baruipur Thana Large Sized Co-Operative Society of South 24-Parganas.

Agricultural farming cooperatives are being encouraged so that both the farmers and residents of New Town are benefited. While the farmers will be able to sell vegetables directly to the consumers, the residents will also get the opportunity to avail fresh and even organic vegetables directly from the farmers. It will also encourage to form more such farming cooperatives or self-help groups who in turn will be able to bring fresh vegetables from the district farms without approaching the wholesale markets and middlemen, said Officials.

To develop rooftop organic farming in New Town, the authorities have been discussing with the state agriculture department. Some entrepreneurs have already started rooftop organic farming on their own and agricultural societies are now being encouraged to develop this concept.