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Livestock Farming : Opening of Hong Kong Market for Indian Poultry Product

Directorate of Food, Environmental Hygiene Department of HKSAR has informed that processing of applications for importation of eggs and other egg products from India will begin again w.e.f. 4th December, 2015.

Following conditions are mentioned as mandatory for imports:
Condition 1:
Consignments of eggs are for human consumption which are produced and packed in AI free country, zone or compartment and transported in new or appropriately sanitized packaging material.

Condition 2:
The consignment must be accompanied by a health certificate as per agreement between India and HKSAR.

Condition 3:
A scanned copy of veterinary certificate for egg products to be issued by EIC.

Condition 4:
The FEHD has also issued a notification for importers of poultry products in Hong Kong about the penal provision of fine of HK$ 50000 or prosecution in case of violation of these regulations.
The exporters have to follow the above guidelines / regulations of FEHD while exporting egg and egg products to Hong Kong.