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Livestock Farming : Telangana to implement New Live Stock Farming Concept

If the idea to promote cattle rearing in villages as a community-based profession is approved by the government then “Community Livestock Farming,” being practised in USA and Australia will be implemented in Telangana State.

State Principal Secretary to Animal Husbandry Department Suresh Chanda has come out with the proposal to encourage livestock farming, particularly milch animals (buffaloes and cows).

Animal Husbandry Department Principal Secretary Suresh Chanda accepted this innovative project. As it help in increasing milk production and health of farmers and cattle too.

The traditional practice of rearing animals in and around residential areas had increased the dangers of spreading respiratory, skin allergic and digestive ailments both among people and cattle. Poor sanitation and the continuous unhygienic conditions had also hit milk production.

A recent study conducted by the department states that farm grown cattle are more healthy and gives more milk whereas home-grown are low in productivity.