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Livestock Farming: KVASU Preparing to Link-up With The Netherlands

To build practical solutions in the area of health, Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (KVASU) is plan to collaborate with natural livestock farming initiatives of the Netherlands and Trans Disciplinary University (TDU), Bengaluru.

Vice Chancellor B. Ashok says providing practical solutions to address increasing use of antibiotics, antimicrobial and other chemicals and pesticides in dairying across the world, the proposed collaboration between KVASU, natural livestock farming initiatives of the Netherlands government, and TDU.

Dr. Ashok said that, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) will be signed in this regard soon and the focus would be on natural dairy farming.

Director of Entrepreneurship, KVASU T. P. Sethumadhavan, said that the Netherlands Ministry of Health had already entered into a MoU with its India to help reduce antibiotic residue present in animal products such as milk and meat products and antimicrobial resistance among human beings and animals.

Dr. Sethumadhavan said, as antibiotic-resistant organisms affect human and animal health as well as environment, the issue would be studied under the Centre for One Health Education Advocacy, Research and Training (COHEART) of the varsity.

A global platform in the form of a consortium will be developed to pursue academic, research, knowledge transfer and exchange programmes for scientists, veterinarians, farmers, entrepreneurs, industry and women self-help groups.

He said, in India, activities would be on community-based enterprise development for producing herbal medicines, organic/safe to consume dairy chain development with potential stakeholders and offer prospective courses for the stakeholders.

He added, Karnataka Veterinary and Fisheries University, Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, TDU, National Dairy Development Board and State milk unions of South India including Milma from the State would work together for this consortium.

In Bengaluru Dr. Sethumadhavan presented a paper on the underlying principle of one health at KVASU at a meeting.