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E-pashuhaat Portal Launched for Connecting Breeders and Farmers

On the occasion of National Milk Day, the Union Agriculture & Farmers Welfare Minister, Shri Radha Mohan Singh launched e-pashuhaat portal ( Shri Singh informed that for the first time in the world ‘e-pashuhaat’ portal has been developed under the scheme National Mission on Bovine Productivity for connecting breeders and farmers regarding availability of bovine germplasm.

Through this portal farmers/breeders can sell and purchase breeding stock, information on all forms of germplasm including semen, embryos and live animals with all the agencies and stake holders in the country has been uploaded on the portal. Also farmers will be aware about the availability of quality disease free bovine germplasm with different agencies in the country. The portal will lead to propagation of high genetic merit germplasm.

In the world, India has the largest bovine population. At 199m cattle it has 14% of the world cattle population and with 105m buffaloes it has 53% of the world buffalo population of which 79% of the cattle are Indigenous and 21% are Exotic and Crossbred varieties.

With 13 breeds of Water buffaloes, 80% of the Indigenous cattle are Non-descript and 20% belong to 37 breeds recognised by National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR).

Aims and Objectives of the e-pashuhaat are,
- E-Trading Market portal for livestock germplasm and additional related services.
- Will connect farmers with breeders - Central, State, Co-operative, Milk Federations, and private agencies.
- Real time authentic certified information on availability of germplasm.
Exclusive site for farmers as Farmers platform,

- The Farmers platform on the main menu of the website will provide
- 3 options in Germplasm marketplace for Animals, Frozen Semen and Embryos
- List of suppliers
- It will establish links between “farmer to farmer” and “farmer to Institutes”.

Targeted Outcomes for Farmers,
- One stop portal for bovine breeders, sellers and buyers.
- Creating and Comparative Farm Network
- Making Farmers exchange local knowledge and resources
- Availability of disease free germplasm with known genetic merit.
- Minimizes the involvement of middlemen.
- Increase in farmers’ incomes.