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Agriculture News : Improved Crop Establishment Technology for Rice-Maize by ICAR CSSRI

Rainfed shallow lowland rice crop often suffers from flash flood for 8 to 10 days or water stagnation for a longer period. The problem of flooding in coastal areas generally coincides with transplanting of rice.

To solve this problem, direct seeding technology has been perfected. Before the on-set of monsoon during last week of May, lines are made 20 cm apart after ploughing the field thoroghly and rice seeds are sown dry in the field. With the first shower of monsoon, the seeds with the warmth of the soil start germinating.

About 15 days after sowing thinning and gap filling is done to maintain an optimum plant population. Selective herbicide is used to reduce the weed population in the direct seeded plot.

Technology is developed for crops like maize and rapeseed for successful establishment of crop with proper plant stand. It helps in reduction of risk of rice crop damage by waterlogging and drainage congestion.