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Availability of Cheap Internet Data Will Help in Digital Farming.

The availability of cheap and fast data has potential to increase farm productivity and income of farmers.
When farmers can access information right on their smart phones India's space agency ISRO's ongoing programme of predicting site suitability of particular crop, cropping intensity, early season crop forecasting, soil texture, moisture as well as agricultural water management will show the desired result.

The farmers are still not getting faster and more accurate farm and crop-specific solution to their problems on the ground, though many such information are being shared through various 'Krishi Vigyan Kendra' across the country.

When the world is moving fast towards 'digital farming' where data-driven insights are helping farmers improve their on-farm decision-making, availability of affordable data will help farmer getting such information. In future farmer will send farm pictures including of weeds and infected portion of crop fields to scientists and after that farmer will get a fast solution on their mobiles.

Testing its digital tool in India has already started by Crop Science division of the global crop protection and seed giant, Bayer AG. The main idea behind 'Digital Farming' is to help farmers identify disease, pests and weed down to the square meter of their farms and aslo provide them solution to enhance yield and farm profitability.

The farming has and will always be a field where decisions are made from a mixture of knowledge, experience, and gutt-feeling, these things are noted by the Bayer in its digital farming narrative.

Digitalization will provides farmers the ability to more accurately predict the outcomes and most effectively respond to the Mother Nature's ever-reoccurring challenges.