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Agriculture Technologies will Enhance Income of Farmers.

According to Deputy Director General of ICAR N.K. Krishnakumar, Nanotechnology is an ideal tool to extend the shelf life and delay in ripening mango in trees, but proper biosafety tests should be done before introducing it to farmers.

Inaugurating a workshop on Enhanced Preservation of Fruits using Nanotechnology Project held at the Horticultural College and Research Institute at Periyakulam near here, N.K. Krishnakumar said that proper adoption of new technologies would certainly enhance the income of farmers, bio safety test was very important before implementing any nano-technology.

He added, "Diversification of crop and improving off-season crops will help mango growers to tap country market. Dasheri, Langra and Kesar varieties of mango are in great demand in Delhi, UP, MP and Bihar.”

He said, demand for organic fruits was very high in foreign countries, adding that Japan and Germany were prepared to buy large quantum of organic pomegranate and covering fruits in bags would ensure uniform colour and quality.

He appealed to scale down use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers to improve quality and taste. Dipping mango in water mixed with salt will suffice to control fungus.