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Agriculture Startup: Tasmania AgTech Startup Firm Partners With Bosch.

To cut costs for the oyster industry, a HOBART, Tasmania AgTech startup has partnered with one of the world’s leading global technology companies, Bosch.

To advance “Internet of Things” (IoT) research and technological applications, the Yield has signed a direct investment deal with Bosch.

"The company’s engineering and manufacturing capability, built up in the local automotive component business, would now be applied to agriculture and aquaculture," said Gavin Smith, Robert Bosch Australia.

Mr Smith said “The Yield's innovative managed solutions could be the next big thing to lift Australia's agricultural productivity, combining Big Data analytics with grass-roots farming know-how. Bosch’s investment in The Yield is part of the local subsidiary‘s diversification strategy, and a sign of confidence in the global potential for The Yield’s managed solutions.”

The first application of the novel technology would be used by the oyster industry, but agricultural solutions were also in the pipeline, said Ros Harvey, The Yield managing director.

She said “The benefits can extend to growers, wholesalers and retailers and also to government food regulators. We intend to develop our solutions in Australia and then aggressively scale globally. The partnership with Bosch is an important part of that strategy.”

The Yield’s Oyster Solution would reduce unnecessary harvest closures that cost the industry millions of dollars a year, aid labor scheduling based on localised tides and improve food safety tracking.