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Agriculture Research: Use of Bio-Technology in Agriculture can Yield Revolutionary Results

There is need to change the traditional methods of agriculture so as to produce quality foodgrains, improve the quality of soil, fight the increasing threats of diseases in crops and counter scarcity of agricultural land because of increasing population.

The Union Agriculture Minister, Shri Radha Mohan Singh stated that there is a need of bringing second green revolution, particularly, in eastern states of the country which were not covered earlier during first green revolution.

Development can be accelerated in these states because of adequate and human resource and suitability of the States for organic farming as use of pesticides and chemicals and fertilizers here is almost nil. As such agricultural biotechnology will play a significant role in increasing quality production in these states.

He mentioned that in the past due to climatic changes and fluctuations in temperature agriculture has been adversely affected. This has led to not only reduction in production but also affected the quality of crops. He further added that with the use of biotechnology the crops can be made climate- resilient and reduction in production can be checked.