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Agriculture Market News : Due to Crop Damage Tomato Prices are High

Tomato prices have risen eight times from the last three months and could require government intervention like those that brought the prices of onions and pulses under control.In November, tomato prices have firmed up 30 per cent on reports of crop damage in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Karnataka.

Traders estimate 15-20 per cent crop damage across the country.According to data provided by National Horticulture Board, tomato prices in Bengaluru, jumped 700 per cent since September to Rs 4,000 a quintal.

In Mumbai prices jumped 335 per cent and In Chennai they were upto 415 per cent. Deficient monsoon rain affected acreage under kharif tomato. The crop also faced pinworm attack causing the reduction in production in south India, especially Tamil Nadu.

"Supply has declined dramatically in three months,” said Anil Malhotra, general secretary, Tomato Traders’ Association, Azadpur Mandi, Delhi. Tomato Arrivals in the Vashi Agricultural Produce Markets Committee (in Mumbai) were 32.9 tonnes on November 19, decreased from 51.1 tonnes from November 2. Prices also jumped 30 per cent to Rs 3,400-3,600 a quintal from Rs 2,800-3,000 three weeks ago.

Functionary of the Vashi Agricultural Produce Markets Committee said that Supply was disrupted because of the small crop size in the major growing regions of Maharashtra, including Nashik, Satara and Baramati. Supply started decreasing three months ago when unseasonal rain damaged the standing crop in most states.

Now, arrivals from the Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are affected because of unseasonal rain.
Unseasonal October rain damaged the crop in Madhya Pradesh in Maharashtra, resulting in a delay in replanting.