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Agriculture Market News : Turmeric Prices will increase During March- April 2016

Turmeric Prices will Cheer the Farmers. In India, turmeric is cultivated in an area of 0.18 million hectares. Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Maharashtra, Karnataka and West Bengal are the major turmeric producing States contributing 85 per cent of total turmeric production of the country.

U.A.E., Bangladesh, Malaysia, Iran, UK and USA are the countries where Indian turmeric is exported highly.

Major turmeric growing regions of Telangana, Karnataka and Maharashtra have witnessed decreased intensity of rainfall during July-August caused the turmeric acreage to decline. Hence, there is heavy demand for turmeric of Tamil Nadu origin.

Currently the arrivals are started coming from Bhavani, Sathyamangalam and some parts of Karnataka. At present, turmeric of good quality is selling at Rs.10, 500 per quintal in Erode market.

To help the farmers to take proper marketing decisions, the Back Office of Agro Marketing Intelligence and Business Promotion Centre (AMI &BPC) of Centre for Agricultural and Rural Development Studies (CARDS), Tamil Nadu Agricultural University analysed the last 19 years of turmeric prices prevailed in Erode Regulated market.

The current trend supports the farm gate price of good quality turmeric to rule around Rs.10, 500-11,500/ Quintal during March- April, 2016. Hence, turmeric farmers are advised to store and sell the produce to get better farm income.