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Agriculture Loan : For rabi season 47% of crop loans disbursed by bankers

In Nalgonda district of Telangana, the bankers have disbursed 47 per cent of crop loans as on December 24, against the Rs.789 crore target set for rabi season.

District Lead Bank Manager N.C. Sridhar said that they have lent Rs.373 crore against the total rabi target of Rs.789 crore. The rest of target will meet in short time.

Rs.1, 287 crore of kharif crop loans have disbursed out of Rs. 1,400 crore target. Stating that they were slightly behind the target of lending for kharif loans, he said that they would certainly achieve the targets by the end of the financial year.

If both the kharif and rabi crop loan targets are put together, they have disbursed Rs.1, 681 crore against the total target of Rs.2, 189 crore. Against the Rs.315 crore target of agriculture term loans, bankers disbursed Rs.224 crore, achieving 71 per cent of annual target.

The bankers had disbursed Rs.80 crore against the annual target of Rs.70 crore. The bankers have achieved more than their annual target in lending to agriculture allied sectors.