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Agriculture Information : Connected Farm App by Trimble

Connected Farm App is developed by Trimble. Connected Farm is an integrated operations management solution that provides information exchange across the entire farm.

This app from Trimble allows farmers and agronomists to map field boundaries, enter scouting attributes for pests (weeds, insects, diseases), take geo-referenced photos and manage collected data online.

The app is flexible to use with any crop, including corn, wheat, soybeans and cotton. “These new Connected Farm features are designed to help customers save time and make better decisions about the management of their farms,” said Ian Harley, business area director for Trimble’s Agriculture Division.

By providing farmers with access to information where and when they need it, and by providing the right type of information, farmers can more easily determine how best to increase the productivity and efficiency of their fleet and farm operations. This app is available with Android, iPhone and iPad.

Source: http://www.trimble.com /