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Agriculture Information : AgStudio FARM software by MapShots

MapShots has developed the AgStudio FARM product which has all the features a Farmer could need. MapShots’s AgStudio FARM software allows Farmers to take control of their personal agricultural data, providing the ability to gather, display and manage data in a way that makes sense and makes you money.

AgStudio FARM features allows variable rate fertilizer and seeding, completely automate soil testing, offers harvest data entry and can manage irrigation.

AgStudio FARM is the latest version and is a complete agronomic software product. AgStudio FARM is designed for the grower who wants to simplify the task of managing agronomic data and improving their planning, harvesting and overall farm health.

- With AgStudio FARM you can:
- Automate your crop record keeping.
- Create Field Planting Maps and Build Recommendations on what/where to plant
- Manage multiple field boundary sets
- Track yields and harvest inventories
- Manage irrigation pivots
- Send Irrigation Information to Irrigation Controllers

Source: http://www.mapshots.com