Nutrition deficiency: Its effects in cattle

Economic milk production can be achieved by ensuring maximum reproductive efficiency in the dairy heard. With the elimination of specific infectious agents causing infertility, the move towards higher production and the use of new feedstuffs, the effect of nutrition on reproduction in cattle has been considered to be more important.

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New Machine to Milk Buffaloes

The National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) at Karnal has recently introduced machine to milk buffaloes.

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In-can cooler for milk chilling

It is very important to preserve the quality of raw milk at the producer’s level and during transit. It is reported that 12-25% milk loss is especially during the unfavorable (hot conditions) season.

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Electronic milk tester

It is manufactured by Rajasthan Electronics & Instruments Ltd. (REIL) is the electronic milk tester. It is an instrument for measurement of milk fat.

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Khoa’ manufacturing machine

With the growing popularity of exotic foods we need to mechanize Indian cooking systems. There is a heavy demand of sweets, fruits jellies etc particularly during the festive season,.

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