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Polyhouse Farming

Telangana Promoting Polyhouse Farming

Government of Telangana has sanctioned a scheme on establishment of Poly houses which is being implemented by the state horticulture department with objectives of enhancing productivity per unit area and promotion of high value horticulture crops in addition to facilitate year-round production of flower & vegetable crops.

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Polyhouse Farming Gaining Popularity in Andhra Pradesh

Farming is considered an unprofitable profession. Hemanth was one of the key members in drafting the new horticulture policy of the Andhra Pradesh government which would be released shortly. He proved that by using innovative methods could make agriculture one of the most profitable professions.

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To Promote Poly House Farming, Government allot Rs 111 Crore.

Himachal Pradesh Dr Y S Parmar Kisan Swarozgar Yojna has been launched in the state because government has decided to set up 4,700 poly houses and 2150 drip irrigation or sprinklers units during the next four years with a budget of Rs 111.19 crore.

A senior government official said that 85 percent subsidy is being provided to the farmers to set up poly houses and drip or sprinklers irrigation units. The government is of the view that this scheme would help in promoting poly house farming in the hill state.

The official also said "An area of 8.35 lakh hectare would be brought under poly house farming, while 8.20 lakh hectares would be covered under micro irrigation. Under the scheme within two years 50,000 hectare area would be brought under preserved cultivation, for which the famers would be provided with subsidy worth Rs 5.4 crore. An additional area of 2 lakh hectare would also be brought under preserved cultivation, for which a budget of Rs 30 crore has been provided."

In the current financial year, the state government has earmarked Rs 450 crore for agriculture and allied activities. In Himachal Pradesh, 90 percent population residing in rural largely depends on agriculture which is being the main stay of about 70 per cent of its total populace. Agriculture has almost 20 per cent contribution in the gross domestic product of the state. The weather of the state is apt for cash crops like potatoes, unseasonal vegetables and ginger.

In order to provide irrigation facility to the farmers, state government has also launched Rajiv Gandhi Micro- Irrigation Scheme' with an outlay of Rs 154 Crore over a period of four years. Through this project, 8,500 hectare area would be brought under drip or sprinkler irrigation scheme benefitting 14,000 farmers.


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