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Polyhouse Farming

Telangana Promoting Polyhouse Farming

Government of Telangana has sanctioned a scheme on establishment of Poly houses which is being implemented by the state horticulture department with objectives of enhancing productivity per unit area and promotion of high value horticulture crops in addition to facilitate year-round production of flower & vegetable crops.

The scheme is implemented with 75% subsidy under normal state plan in which beneficiaries being eligible for a minimum of 200 sq.mts and maximum of 3 acres. Under the scheme preference is also given to farmers with 0.5 to 1.0-acre area. Polyhouse cultivation enables the farmers in maintaining appropriate usage of water and fertilizers, apart from keeping temperature and humidity at required levels, through automated controls.

This technique involves setting up of protected structures made up of GI pipes covered with polythene.

Though the initial investment involved in this system of farming is high, it is offset by the many benefits, most important of them being the three –fold to four- increase in yield.

This system all facilitates reduction in pesticide and water usage and raising more plants per square foot of ground.