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Agriculture University alerts farmers against Aphid damage to Wheat Crops

The Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) has advised the farmers to remain vigilant and regularly monitor their wheat crop for aphid damage.

RS Gill, head, Department of Entomology, PAU said, Cloudy weather without any rainfall is highly favourable for their development.

Aphids are the most important insect pests of wheat and their damage is observed in March. These are small, soft bodied, green to blackish green louse like insects found in colonies on leaves and earheads.Aphids suck sap from the leaves and maturing grains.

Due to heavy feeding by aphids, the grains fail to develop or remain shriveled.

Aphids also excrete honeydew on which black sooty mould develops that affects the yield.

The high population of aphids at the earhead stage can cause substantial losses in yield.

Dr Gill said the damage starts from the periphery of the field, particularly from the side on which trees are present. By spraying on the borders of wheat fields, its further spread can be checked.


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