Scientist unveil featherless fowl

A new breed of featherless chicken is developed by the genetics faculty at the Rehovot agronomy institute near Tel Aviv. A scientist who unveiled the first genetically modifies featherless chicken on claims that it is environmentally friendly, fast growing and low in calories although it might catch cold in the British climate. The Israeli geneticist, Avigdor Cahaner, crossbred a small, bare-skinned bird with a regular broiler chicken to engineer the featherless fowl. His red-skinned prototype - called the naked chicken, is being heralded as the high-speed future of chicken farming. Dr Cahaner conceded that his featherless chickens would not be suitable everywhere. They might catch cold in chillier climates

(Courtesy- The Hindu)

Water treatment package for  poultry applications

The system comes as a pa]ckage unit to eliminate the common diseases to which birds fall prey and to increase production.

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Diamond Automatic Incubator

Diamond Incubators, Delhi, manufacture a wide range of equipment for the poultry industry. Their main product is the Diamond Automatic Incubator. These incubators are designed as per international standards for easy operation. The incubator give the operator complete control over heat and humidity. There is also an alarming device incase of fluctuation in temperature, power shortage or fan stoppage.

The main cabinet structure is made of special grade material to withstand the impact of inner as well as outer atmospheric conditions. It is also reported to be durable, impact proof and easy to sanitize.

The incubator has advanced air circulation systems, thermostats, humidity control, automatic cooling system, automatic turning control, setting trays, hatching trays etc. The incubators can be tailor made for capacities ranging from 500 to 54000 eggs.

Poultry health products

Be Animal Health Pvt. Limited, Hyderabad, are the marketers of ICI Pharmaceutical's veterinary range of products in India and Nepal (by labret). They have a wide range of quality poultry products to offer.

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