Water treatment package for  poultry applications

The system comes as a package unit to eliminate the common diseases to which birds fall prey and to increase production.  Scalemaster Aldam Private Ltd. (SAPL), an NRI firm engaged in the manufacture of non-chemical water treatment units for industrial usage, has now introduced a radical water treatment system for poultry applications. 

The package unit consists of a scalemaster for the prevention of scale and a flowtreat for the prevention of scale and a flowtreat for the prevention of algae and bacteria.  The unit, costing Rs. 70.750 is stated to be not only capable of controlling calcium but also destroying and preventing bacterial growth.  Besides, the manufacturers claim that the treated water allows the bird to retain more of the nutrients given to them in their normal feeding, leading to a reduction in feed consumption. 

 The unit would increase the surface tension of the water.  When the surface tension of the water is high, it tends to attract the waste matter and toxins from the body and gets them out of the system.  This would lead to better health of the birds.  The bacteria eliminated by the unit includes Salmonella typhi, S. paratyphi and E.coil.S typhi is responsible for typhoid, paratyphoid and gastroenteritis disease.  This apart, the treated water is electrostatically charged.  As a result, unwanted compounds in the water are eliminated and the birds will be in a better position to utilise the proteins in feed.  The pipelines remain clear of deposits, thereby increasing the lifespan of the pipelines.

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