Reserve Bank Of India Act 1934
Agricultural Legislations.
Land Acts.
l Tenancy Law
l Ceiling on land holding Act.
l Bhoodan & Gramdan Laws
l Consolidation of holding laws.
l Bonded Labour Abolition Act.
l Land Improvement Acts.
Labour Laws - Minimum Wages Act.
Seed Laws
Insecticides Act.
Agriculture Product Marketing (Regulation) Act.
Deccan Agriculture Relief Act.
Co-operative Laws.
Warehousing Laws.
Pest & Disease Control Law.
Dairy Development Law.
Cotton Control Law.
Monopoly Cotton procurement (Maharashtra).
Agricultural Produce (Grading & Marketing) Act.
Prevention of Food Adulteration Act.
Fertiliser Control Order.
Weights & Measures Act.
Nursery Act.
Fruit Processing Order (FPO)
Irrigation & Command Area Development Acts.
Live-Stock Improvement Acts.
Live Stock Diseases Acts.
Marketing of Live - Stock & certain live - stock products Act.
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.
District Central Co-operative Banks Act.
Land Development Banks Act.
Agricultural Produce (Development & Warehousing) Co-operation Act.
Regional Rural Banks Act.
Agricultural Refinance & Development Co-operation Act.
National Agriculture & Rural Development Bank Act.