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Varieties Developed for Onion at IARI

Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI) has made significant contributions in the development of improved cultivars and their relevant production, protection and processing technologies mandated crops like onion.

Pusa Riddhi:
Yield: 31.66 t/ha.
Single bulb weight ranges from 70.0 – 100.0 g., pungent and rich in antioxidant (quercetin 107.42 mg/100g). Suitable for kharif and rabi crop, storage, and export. Average yield recorded in different AINRPO&G centre is 31.66 t/ha. The variety gave average 28.60% increase over check (28.53 t/ha).

Pusa Madhvi:
Yield: 35 t/ha
Blubs medium to large, roundish flat, light red, T.S.S. 11-13% with good keeping quality; maturity in 130-135 days after transplanting.

Brown Spanish:
Yield: 28.5 t/ha (for bulbs)
Bulbs are round, reddish brown. Maturiy 160-180 days after planting.

Pusa Red:
Yield: 30 t/ha
Bulbs medium in size (70-80 g), flattish round, red, less pungent, T.S.S. 12-13%, good keeping quality; matures in 135-140 days after transplanting.

Pusa White Flat:
Yield: 32.5 t/ha
Bulbs medium in size, flattish round with attractive white colour, T.S.S. 12-14%; very good keeping quality; maturity in 125-130 days after transplanting.


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