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PAU Issues Advisory for Control of Gulli Danda in Wheat

Gullidanda is the most troublesome weed in wheat fields in the state, and post emergence herbicides are commonly used for its control. PAU experts opine that continuous application of same herbicide or herbicides with same mode of action, results in development of resistance in weeds against that herbicide/s.

In wheat fields, where weed has developed resistance, herbicides which provided excellent control during initial years, fail to control the weed after the development of resistance, which is mainly due to its injudicious use in the fields. And to get best results from a herbicide, following important tips need to be considered:

Gullidanda can be controlled by spray of Axial 5 EC (pinoxaden) 400 ml, Atlantis 3.6 WDG (mesosulfuron + iodosulfuron) 160 g, Total/Markpower 75 WG (sulfosulfuron + metsulfuron) 16 g, Shagun 21-11 (metribuzin + clodinafop) 200 g or ACM9 (metribuzin + clodinafop ) 240 g/acre.

Senior Agronomist, Dr Thakar Singh recommends that the selection of a herbicide must be based on herbicide use history in a field and weed control obtained with different herbicides in previous years. “If a particular herbicide has not given good results in previous year/s, that herbicide should not be used in this season,” he says, while adding that the best stage for herbicide application is when gullidanda plants are at 2 to 3 leaf stages. Herbicide efficacy is reduced if applied when plants are in more than 4 leaf stages or in tillering stage.

PAU experts also caution against the use of higher than recommended dose of herbicide that causes crop toxicity like yellowing or suppression of crop growth.

For spraying, farmers must keep in mind to use 150 litres water for spray of herbicides in one acre and spray should be done on sunny days. Flat fat nozzle (cut waali) for herbicide spray must be used as this nozzle does uniform application of spray over the entire field. To prevent herbicide resistance, rotational use of herbicides having different mode of action should be used.

Finally, farmers are advised against the use of un-recommended herbicide tank-mixtures (mixing of 2 or more herbicides at time of spray) or mixing of herbicide with fertilizers or other chemicals as this causes severe crop toxicity and at times complete crop failure.

The adoption of above cited tips will result in getting good control of gullidanda in wheat fields.


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