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Need to Develop Own Agricultural Model

While presiding over a meeting of Senior Officers, Heads of Departments, Research and Extension Specialists of the University at Farmers’ Service Center, PAU, Vice Chancellor, Dr B.S. Dhillon exhorted his team to look for solutions to the deeper challenges associated with paddy cultivation.

He said that even though the paddy season is over, we need to intensively brain storm on issues related to depleting water table, soil health, crop residue management, agricultural inputs for wheat and paddy and crop rotation possibilities for the future.

He emphasized that since PAU is directly connected to the needs of farmers, it is our responsibility to convey the same to policy makers. He added that Punjab with its typical climate and culture requires its own specially crafted agricultural model rather than a borrowed one.

Speaking at the occasion, Dr Navtej Singh Bains, Director Research, PAU, drew attention to the high level of research on judicious use of water resources. While sharing findings of a research done by IIT Roorkee on the status of water level under the plain areas of rivers Sutlej and Beas, Dr Bains discussed the need to study relationship between rechargeable water and fossils. He also brought to light changes in monsoon pattern and its resultant impact on underground water level.

Different possibilities for crop rotation in the state in future were also discussed during the meeting. The officials also discussed in depth issues relating to marketing, Processing and nutrition.


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