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Regular Surveillance for Effective Management of Sucking Insect Pests in Cotton

Extensive surveys for sucking insect pests like whitefly, jassid and thrips are being conducted by the PAU and State Department of Agriculture in the cotton belt of Punjab.

The survey has revealed low incidence of whitefly in Mansa, Bathinda, Faridkot, Muktsar except in four villages in Khuian Sarwar block of Fazilka district where incidence of whitefly above economic threshold level has been recorded in four out of 233 fields.

In some fields, incidence of jassid and thrips was also recorded during last week but the rainfall on August 14-15 has led to reduction in the pest incidence. The overall condition of the crop is good. Although, the prevailing hot and humid weather is favourable for multiplication of these pests but the incidence of these insects were observed only in a few fields. Further, there is no need to panic as effective control measures are available.

The farmers are advised to monitor their crop regularly for whitefly, jassid and thrips incidence particularly in the late sown fields. Avoid irrigation stress to the cotton field to minimize incidence of thrips and whitefly.

For management of jassid, the fields showing yellowing and curling of the leaves along the margins in the upper canopy of the 50 per cent of the plants (ETL) should be sprayed with 60 g of Osheen 20 SG (dinotefuran) or 80 g of Ulala 50 WG (flonicamid) per acre.

If thrips attack is noticed, irrigate the field immediately which will kill the immature stages of this insect surviving in the soil. In case of severe infestation, spray the crop with Curacron 50 EC (profenophos) @ 500 ml/acre by mixing in 150 litre of water.

In the fields having high incidence of both whitefly and thrips, spray the crop with 200 g of Polo 50 WP (diafenthiuron) or 800 ml of Fosmite 50 EC (ethion) per acre basis. For the management of nymphs of whitefly, spray 500 ml of Lano 10 EC (pyriproxfen) or 200 ml of Oberon/Voltage 22.9 SC (spiromesifen).


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