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Agri Department Awaring Farmers Against Yellow Rust Attack

The Agriculture department has asked farmers to monitor their fields on a regular basis as there is every possibility of yellow rust attack because of cloudy weather conditions and drop in temperature.

Experts said that it can be controlled if checked from the beginning, as the sub-mountainous areas of Hoshiarpur, Gurdaspur, Nawanshar and Ropar districts are more prone to this attack during cloudy season. They also said the disease spreads with wind and farmers who are not replacing their wheat varieties after few years are susceptible to the disease.

Yellow rust means a fungal disease which manifests as powdery yellow stripes on leaves. These stripes hinder photosynthesis makes the grain shrivel and stunt growth of the plant.

Experts said that, it needs timely action since it is a deadly disease. The yellow rust attack which spreads very fast and can mar the entire crop it not taken care properly.

Yellow rust is usually noticed during this season and the department has already formed teams to keep a regular check on this, said Dr Amrik Singh, Block Development Agriculture Officer, Pathankot.


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