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Experts Says, Organic Farming Needs Patience

Nagpur: Director professor at the department of medicine at Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sevagram, Dr Ulhas Jajoo said, excessive use of pesticides has led to increase in vascular diseases and other health hazards and although science has not been able to prove it, researchers said farmers have observed this phenomenon.

In his keynote address on ‘Chemical pesticides and related health issues’ delivered on the concluding day of ‘Beejotsav’ held at Mure Memorial Hospital, Jajoo gave examples of lifestyle followed a few decades ago where man was free of the vicious circle of pesticides and compared how the lifespan was gradually decreasing.

Tarak Kate discussed ‘Can organic farming suffice the country’s food needs?’ Highlighting the nitty-gritty of organic farming, he discussed how some people drop the idea of growing natural products due to lack of patience. Avil Borkar, a renowned name in the agriculture field, spoke about ‘Seed and biodiversity regulation’.

The cost of cultivation increases as it takes more time and energy to produce when compared to chemical pesticides. Restoring the quality of soil which has been adversely affected by chemicals requires time. Expert said that, things become smooth and the actual profit is made only after 3-4 years; hence farmers are apprehensive to adopt organic farming.

The three-day event saw more than 10,000 footfalls in the sixth edition which indicates the huge popularity of organic and fresh farm products among the citizens. Organizers also claimed to have witnessed a major shift in the perception of people after attending the seed festival. Once they get their hands on natural products, they get closely connected with farmers and dealers and buy them throughout the year, they said.

Member Akash Nawghare said, “Rather than just providing a market to organic product sellers, ‘Beejotsav’ is more about spreading awareness about consuming naturally grown fruits and veggies and curbing the use of harmful pesticides which disturb ecological balance.”

Nawghare said, “Turning a blind eye to the problems faced in agriculture sector will lead to migration of people to cities. The urban areas will get over-populated and resources will be exhausted. So the root cause needs to be addressed at the ground level if we want our nation to prosper.”

A lot of youngsters have joined the cause and many of them are working full time to promote it. They visit schools and colleges to tell students how their food travels from farms to their plates.


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