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In Punjab several varieties of vegetables of vegetables are released for commercial cultivation. These vegetables include four varieties of tomato and one variety each of chilli, broccoli, radish, brinjal and garlic.

The varieties were approved for general cultivation during a meeting of state variety approval committee for vegetable and floriculture.

The plants of chilli variety (CH-27) are tall and continue to bear fruits for a long time. Fruits are medium long (6.7 cm), thin skinned, light green when immature and deep red when mature. The hybrid is resistant to leaf curl virus, fruit rot and root knot nematodes, and tolerant to sucking pests such as mite.

Punjab Varkha Bahar 4 of tomato is a determinate variety with green and dense foliage. Its average height is 85 cm. The plants of tomato variety are indeterminate in growth habit. Its fruits are oval, medium sized (90g), firm with pointed tip and 2-3 locules. The plants of tomato variety are indeterminate in growth habit with dark green foliage.

The plant growth of broccoli variety is semi-spreading. Its leaves are smooth, large and dark green. PBH 4 of brinjal is an early maturing F1 hybrid of long fruit group of brinjal. Its plants are medium in height, compact, thornless with green foliage. The plants of garlic variety (PG18) have soft-neck (nonbolting) with green leaves. Its bulbs are large (4.55 cm diameter), attractive and white with average bulb weight of 28.4g.

Source: http://www.hindustantimes.com/